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YouTube Shirts From Shirts Taste Good

Grape Lady Shirt Preview

Shirts Taste Good is a new t-shirt site I’ve found that makes their designs entirely based on viral videos. It’s kind of a shame that I didn’t think of this myself. The built in audience for all of those videos are an automatic source of buyers for their products, as long as you can reach them. The good thing is that Shirts Taste Good makes shirts that are high quality, hand made, and hilarious.

If you’re new to the Internet and don’t get the references, they include the associated videos under each design. You can also suggest your favorite videos to them which might net yourself some free stuff. They have shirts for some of my favorite videos: We’ll Do It Live, Flea Market Montgomery, Miss South Carolina, and my personal favorite the Grape Lady which you can see to the right. There are a bunch more so check in to find your personal favorites. If you visit frequently the new shirts they release are available for 15$ for the first week.

I really like their site, and their silk screened shirts are top notch. I’m worried that their demand will outpace what they can put out by hand, but only time will tell. Hopefully they stay on the pulse of the Internet and continue to release topical shirts in a timely manner. If they come out with any that I particularly like I’ll be sure to let you guys know.


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