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Vinyl Transfers From Arteefact

Always Choose Retry Preview

Arteefact is a new t-shirt shop that specializes in using vinyl transfers for their designs instead of other more traditional methods. Each time an order is placed a shirt is made before shipping. This means they’re doing their own plotting, weeding, and transferring by hand! The result is a work of art custom made just for you.

Despite being a new brand they have a wide range of designs. Because of the vinyl transfers the designs are mostly one or two colors. This leads to a more abstract look with colors that really pop off the cloth! They have a wide range of options for men, women and children. Some of my favorites are Always Choose Retry (pictured to the right) and Spring of Consciousness. If you’re looking for a unique shirt it’s worth a few extra bucks to get a custom made shirt from Arteefact!

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