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Arteefact Relaunch

Since my last update on Arteefact they’ve launched a new design for their site. It looks great, and the best part is that it’s filled with some brand new designs!

Vintage Pop Culture Shirts From Crazy Dog

I was recently contacted by someone from Crazy Dog T-Shirts saying they are celebrating the appearance of spring with a coupon code lasting until the end of summer. Enter ICEPOP to receive $5 off any purchase. They have some really great shirts and I would definitely take a look. I’m really surprised I hadn’t heard […]

Shirts From Crunchy Badger

Crunchy Badger is one of the latest shirt shops I’ve been informed of. They’re just starting up but they already have a good selection of designs. Included in these designs are a handful of movie quote shirts that are very unique.

Vinyl Transfers From Arteefact

Arteefact is a new t-shirt shop that specializes in using vinyl transfers for their designs instead of other more traditional methods. Each time an order is placed a shirt is made before shipping. This means they’re doing their own plotting, weeding, and transferring by hand! The result is a work of art custom made just for you.

Men’s Bodybuilding Shirts From MuscleFire

Bodybuilding shirts aren’t something I would typically blog about, but I had to make an exception for MuscleFire. A few things jumped out at me about them, in particular the quality of their designs. Their primary logo, the MuSkull, is a great illustration and I would wear it even if I was nowhere near a free weight.

NerdyShirts Launches New Site

Recently NerdyShirts ran a week long clearance sale. This was in preparation for their new site which launched today. The site remains basically the same as it was before with a few notable additions. You can now browse items by subject matter, upload a photo of yourself wearing one of their shirts, and get e-mail updates when new products are posted. It’s also much easier to see what products are on sale.